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by Nerodante | 05/03/2009 00:50:08


I was wondering what you guys, and gals, thought of the equipment the wizard is wearing in the trailer and on the character screen. Do you think it is, or should be, the set for wizards (if they are still using sets)?

by Bashiok | 05/03/2009 01:30:38


Q u o t e:
One thing I found interesting about the wizard trailer(with intro, not just gameplay) was the glove thing that was on her hand that seemed to focus her power.

This may be a class specific equip or it may have been used in the trailer for looks.

Overall I like how the character looks.

The sort of plate-like gauntlets shown on her are part of the armor set look she was wearing. I think the "focus" you're talking about is actually an orb, which is a wizard-specific off hand item. You've got the idea right though, a lot of the wizard spell animations incorporate the orb into a sort of focusing element while casting. The electrocute and disintegrate videos show it pretty well - http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/characters/wizard.xml
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