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by Karune | 25/02/2009 00:01:03


Blizzard Theme Park Contest
What would you do if you could design the Blizzard Entertainment theme park of your dreams? Here's your chance to show us! We're inviting you to illustrate your own original Blizzard Entertainment theme park, complete with rides and attractions based on the Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft universes. The most creative and fantastic designs will receive prizes including StarCraft II beta keys, a chance to have their entry displayed at BlizzCon 2009, and more. For more information, head to the contest page or read the official rules.

Contest Page

Official Rules

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the contest here.

by Karune | 25/02/2009 00:38:57


Q u o t e:
"The Dropship" would be an awesome name for a roller coaster.


Maybe it could have a twin coaster called "The Scourge" that goes through the middle and barely misses it :P

"The Dropship" would be an awesome free fall ride idea! Feel free to use this thread for brainstorming as well...

by Karune | 25/02/2009 03:22:21


Q u o t e:
Question for Blizzard: how much does humour count? I know we can include ideas that are funny, but at the same time would actually work nicely in a "real" Blizzard theme park. But what about concepts that would be absolutely unthinkable in a real Blizzard theme park?

For example, a Diablo 3 section where they play orchestral music and everything is lit up with colourful lights like Gotham City in Batman and Robin:

Or "Authentic Stim-Packs". "Aww Yeah, That's The Stuff!" (tm)

Humor is always a plus - it does not have to be a 'realistic' theme park, but could be as well if you would like. It is all up to your creative minds :)

by Karune | 25/02/2009 19:18:56


Q u o t e:
Do you want a whole theme park? or individual rides?

And if we submit a map-like plan, can we also include some extra in-depth images of individual rides?

A map-like plan similar to the ones you would get upon entering a theme park would be the most classic, but that doesn't mean you couldn't show some more unique angles of certain rides etc. There are many possibilities.

by Karune | 25/02/2009 22:55:14


Q u o t e:

Oh, Karune, I do have a question. Will you guys accept joint participations, and will beta keys be issued for all members of a joint effort or just one?

You can definitely collaborate with others - it is one of the primary reasons too that we added 2 StarCraft II beta keys rather than one, per winning entry.

by Karune | 23/03/2009 19:19:05


Wanted to remind everyone this is a great opportunity to win StarCraft II beta keys. The deadline is in 1 week and in comparison to the StarCraft II Comic Contest series, we've gotten far more entries there competing for beta keys, whereas it will probably be easier to win them in the Blizzard Theme Park contest! Good luck!

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