Seven-Sided Strike.. So it needs work.

by Zeromus17 | 26/08/2009 20:13:44


This ability looks great, however it looks... not finished?

Here are my reasons as well as suggestions, feel free to add your own.

let me explain,

First, it looks as if you lose control of your character when it is being used, also are untargetable.
- This can be confusing and often to messy when it comes into multiplayer gameplay.

Second, the ability looks to easy to use with little precaution.
- This can often cause noobs to spam abilities like this to gain an unfair advantage.

Lastly, this ability looks.. To bland? i mean sure it looks great, but then it also doesnt. When you use it, you lose control of your character and it detaches from the idea of actually playing the character.. sort of like summoning something in a final fantasy game and going to go get popcorn and coming back to see dead corpses.

My suggestions:

1. Make the monk targettable while he uses this ability.

2. The ability would probably work alot better if it were like the world of warcraft rogues "Killing Spree" ability.

3. The ability looks to easy, perhaps make it where the player must spam tab or shift or something to go from enemy to enemy (not doing it correctly will stop seven-sided strike mid-action). Or perhaps make the Rune on the floor smaller and movable so the player has more control over it.

4. If you leave it as is, at the very least, move the camera to follow him as he goes from enemy to enemy, this will give the sense the player is atleast still playing the game instead of watching some kind of old-style kung-fu movie.

Feel free to troll, make suggestions, or even bump.

Sincerely, Zeromus.

by Bashiok | 26/08/2009 20:25:53


I'll jump in real quick and just say that this ability in the demo cost a little less than half your mana pool, so you're able to "spam" it exactly twice in a row if starting with full mana.

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