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by Darker_blue | 09/04/2011 20:17:17


Just loaded Diablo 2 onto a newer laptop with Windows 7 and having a lot of trouble with screen aspect ration. The game plays as a small screen in the center of mine bordered on all sides by black and is far too small to play. Changing my own screen aspect ratio to match at 800X600 only brings the rest of my computer to the size on the screen that the game is playing at. I understand that it may not play widescreen, but how can I at least get it to run as large as it is able in order for it to be functionally playable? Thanks in advance for your help.

by Datth | 09/04/2011 22:48:45


You'd have to play with the aspect ratio portion of your video card drivers to have smaller full screen windows stretch or scale up to the full size of your monitor. I don't know what video card you have so I can't give you an idea of where to find it.

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