New Runes, Old Runes... Why not both?

by Arch0n | 04/03/2009 22:21:24


The new skill rune system is a clever idea to improve the customization and depth of characters. This system seems independent of actual wearable equipment and resembles the old +skill grand charms from Diablo 2. Good idea...

However, I am at a loss when I try to comprehend the logic behind using this system to replace the runes from Diablo 2. Before the days of Zod runes dropping at 1-in-40 million odds, rune hunting was a completely integral and signature part of the game. When I think of Diablo, one of the things I think about is runes.

The new system seems completely unrelated to the old runes in any way- why remove the old ones? The rune words added significant depth to a game centered around intense item creation and acquisition. Removing the old runes would reduce depth and omit one of the aspects that has truly defined Diablo

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by Bashiok | 04/03/2009 23:25:27


I think it's important not to mistake the word used for a system (in this case rune) for what the systems are actually accomplishing.

In Diablo II runes were used to augment weapons and essentially add more stats to them, runes in certain combinations would create runewords which were in essence more powerful than the sum of each individual rune. But remove the word rune, and you're looking at a system that simply upgrades items.

Similarly, runes in Diablo III, take away the word rune and we're looking at a system where skills and abilities can be altered to behave differently, simply increased in effectiveness, or some combination thereof.

Essentially what your question comes down to then is, where is the system in Diablo III that allows us to make base weapons more powerful? And that's a question that will have to be answered at a later time. ;)

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