My Graphic Card For Diablo 3! Ohmgz

by Qookie | 26/03/2009 11:29:19


Hey guy's I've been planning an upgrade ( was thinking of building a new high end computer ) and I finally got a new graphic card.

I recorded myself acting stupid for the entertainment and posted on youtube so if you want to know how I look like... then.. watch it and rate and comment.

The Video does have SOME language ( WARNING ) but your prob going to click anyway.

I got a RADEON HD 4670 CROSSFIREX 1G/GOGRR3 ( More on the way )
It's not a total high end card but if your planning to buy a well worth card , I would recommend this. It looks fantastic with an HD Monitor and with Directx10 and will run Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 for sure I've tested this graphic card with high end games like Crysis , Command and Conquer 3 and Empire Total war and I've very sure the requirements won't be extreme at all cause Blizzard is good maintaining on older graphic card but in my opinion I would get atleast above of what I have , or you can just wait until they release specs.


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by Bashiok | 27/03/2009 00:17:17


I think I'm going to order some new parts this weekend. I think now I'm just going to go with new mobo/cpu/ram. My 8800gtx has held up fine. Maybe some new hard drives. Anyone here have an SSD yet?

By the way please don't connect any of this with system requirements for the game. :P
let your mind spin, the burden of logic and truth

by Bashiok | 27/03/2009 22:07:41


Q u o t e:

I just assembled a new computer in case Starcraft II beta starts, and probably will use it by the time Diablo III hits beta in year 201*.

Intel i7 920 CPU
EVGA X58 3-SLI Mobo
6GB Corsair Dominator RAM
Corsair 100HX PSU (Power supply)
EVGA GeForce 285GTX video card
1TB Black Caviar Western Digital Hard Disk (Video/Image Editing)
650 Black Caviar Western Digital Hard Disk (Boot)

That's almost exactly what I got, except I'm going to raid0 a pair of the caviar black, I got different ram, and I'm keeping my current power supply and video card.

Thanks to everyone that provided some insight into current SSDs. I read up quite a bit on them and for price point I don't think I'll invest in one quite yet. I have been looking into short stroking normal hard drives which apparently outperforms SSDs, but, eh... I'm not that much of a overclocking/performance junkie anymore. I prefer the simple plug it in and not mess with it these days.

Now someone tell me what these SAS drives are all about. ;)

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let your mind spin, the burden of logic and truth

by Bashiok | 31/03/2009 19:14:46


Everything is being delivered today.
It's going to be hard to concentrate.
let your mind spin, the burden of logic and truth

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