MF in D3

by Grimgroth | 26/08/2009 15:25:04


I would like to know what you all think about idea of MFing in Diablo2 and in future in Diablo3.
In my opinion MF is important part of the game (everyone wants to have the best items) but on the other hand waisting hours on MF instead of just enyoing the game just sucks. Will in D3 will be system of MFing like in D2 ( % chance of magical item drop ) or maybe there will be just like on D1 (no items to MF, you just have to play, slay demons and you will get equipment just by playing and having fun)? Well I guess that in the system of D1 item finding, equipment will be more expensive but on the other hand more unique and valuable. What do you all think? I would really like to here some suggestions and opinions.

by Bashiok | 26/08/2009 20:22:32


There is indeed currently magicfind (MF) on items in Diablo III, as well as a temporary shrine buff. I think though it's a system we're just sort of dipping our toes into for the moment.

I don't think it's accurate to say or even guess that the inclusion of MF means the system will mirror that of Diablo II. We could easily set rules for affix combination, requirement, frequency, and strength to control how and where MF appears in the game.

We may decide that MF as a stat is a fun alternative and building sets purely to that end, similar to Diablo II, is what we want to do. Or, we could say that it should just be a fun affix and not something you could stack to meaningful amounts.

Putting things like MF, additional XP, additional gold, speed increase, etc. on items now and having them in the demo is really just begging for discussion so please do give some feedback.

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