Is this program for d2 illegal?

by Blend700 | 07/11/2011 18:24:42


D2 glide wrapper. From what I've found out, this would solve the lag spikes I'm experiencing since I'm running d2 on a newer video card.

Thats the thread with my special question that has remainded unanswered for about a year. (I've made multiple posts)

But hey, I'm starting to think I shouldn't care about whether its illegal or not, seeing as how posting in tech support hasn't helped me for a ├ŁEAR, and 99% of the diablo community bots, and 75% of the dueling community uses hacks (and are still poor and bad at the game, f-ing laughable).

Not saying that I'm going to take part in something illegal, but how many d2 veterans do you know that dont bot or hack? I feel like im at a huge disadvantage compared to the rest of the nerds on this game.

back on topic, how much longer must I wait for an actual answer...

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by Jond | 07/11/2011 22:49:29



This isn't a technical support issue. If you have questions about policy I would recommend reviewing the Terms of Use for

Particularly section 2.A.

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