Insert Expansion Disc ERROR Please read.

by Rachax | 15/12/2009 00:31:53


When I open my installer.. It goes. Than I notice that it stops where the file says D2Exp.mpq That is when it says insert Expansion disc. Its already in. So I followed other people's information and copied the D2EXP.mpq file over to my Diablo II file. After that. it pops up an error that says " Cannot read from the source file or disk. THIS IS VISTA! And CD is clean

by Martyt | 15/12/2009 21:59:30



Despite the cd appearing to be clean, your description is one of a damaged or dirty cd, or a problem with your cd-rom drive reading it.

You can get the cd replaced or as I_mass_ents mentioned, obtain and use the digital downloads instead.

The following are generally strong indications that a CD is damaged:
- The installation program hangs indefinitely, or gives an error, while trying to copy the same file
- While the game is installing, before installation completes, it asks you repeatedly to insert the CD that is already in the drive
- The CD or installation has similar problems on alternate CD drives and other computers
- A friend's copy of the same game disc works just fine.

Please follow the steps below to request a replacement CD.

Blizzard Entertainment at this location can only assist with replacing North American English versions of our games. For assistance with international versions, please contact the nearest international distributor via the contact information available at our International Contact Information URL -

Please mail the following materials:
1) The CD Case. If the CD case is also missing please send in the manual in its place. If you have the manual or the CD case, then you DO NOT need to send us the CD. If you do not have the CD case or manual, then the CD itself can be sent in. In this case please package the CD carefully; we are not responsible for any damage occurring from mailing the CD to us.
2) A $10 US money order payable to Blizzard Entertainment is required for each game to cover processing costs; no personal check or cash will be accepted. If it has been less than 90 days since you have purchased the game and you include a copy of the sales receipt showing the purchase date within 90 days, the $10 fee will be waived.
3) A completed Replacement Packing Form (found here:

Note: We can only replace standard game CDs. If you send us a Collector's Edition CD, you will receive your original CD back along with a standard game CD as a replacement.

Please send all necessary materials to the following address:
Media Replacement
Blizzard Entertainment
Irvine, CA 92623

We suggest you use some form of tracking to make sure your mail gets to Blizzard Entertainment. If we do not receive your package we cannot send the replacement. We process all requests in the order they are received and will be addressing your replacement issue as soon as possible after receipt of these items. If you use tracking you can keep updated on when we receive it.

Blizzard Technical Support

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