Female version of a monk?

by Myronaut | 24/08/2009 22:07:54


is there a female version of the monk? could be very funny... a nun walking through d3 :D
a walking penguin?

by Bashiok | 26/08/2009 20:02:14


There will be a female monk.

Women can be monks as well in eastern religions, of which the monk draws the majority of his influence. We're obviously putting a western spin on it though and making it something specific for Sanctuary.

by Bashiok | 26/08/2009 20:23:21


Q u o t e:
I can understand if the model is not ready that we do not get to see footage/screenshots of her... but what is the secret with concept? Is there anything special about her? That is what I do not get.

The female monk is still in the concepting stage, so we don't have any final concepts to show. :)

by Bashiok | 27/08/2009 01:03:17


Q u o t e:
Look at the WD, the female stands upright and looks like a super model


We must be lacking good screenshots of her... cause, no.

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