Female monk revealed!

by Bashiok | 09/02/2010 03:43:25


The monk class page has been updated with all-new art and the in-game model of the female monk. The monk class was announced at BlizzCon, but only the male version was shown at the time. The female option is now revealed on the monk class page.


by Bashiok | 09/02/2010 03:44:09


A second concept piece is viewable in the Media section of the site.

by Bashiok | 09/02/2010 04:06:01


We do have plans to incorporate both genders of each class in future site updates.

by Bashiok | 09/02/2010 05:17:23


We decided that it wasn't worth holding up the update to fix the artifacting on her hand. Essentially it's just that the green screen process used isn't quite sharp enough to keep details like her dainty fingers. Probably something we'll correct but it's not going to stop the show.

OR! You can explain it away by saying that she's actually punching so fast it looks like she's mostly standing still, but her fingers have broken the time barrier and exist in multiple dimensions.

Regarding clipping: the geometry and animation isn't final so there's bound to be some clipping. It would take time cleaning something up for a web capture to then throw away the clean up and keep working on it. So yeah, little things we just have to live with. You too. ;) Aside from that as was said some amount of clipping is fine, because having an animation that looks good from the camera distance is more important than a clipping artifact you won't even see.

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by Bashiok | 10/02/2010 04:04:42


Re: shoulder armor

I've seen people mentioning it here and there, wondering why a "light" fighter like a monk would have heavy gear or why it's just so darn pointy.

Essentially it's a two part answer.

1. Your character should look bad ass toward the end of the game, and that's what that armor is a concept of; a set later in the game. The concept within the artwork gallery is a lighter armor look.

2. The shoulders may look big in a concept like that, but (and I feel like it's been two weeks of hearing a broken record about this but...) from the distance the game camera is at they're going to look downright awesome [see part 1].

So the issue is really just an understanding of how we design characters to be seen from an angle that the concepts just don't do. Now, maybe the smart thing is not to show concepts like that unless we have screenshots to go with it, but I also don't know if holding off on releasing this stuff until we have the armor sets done in game is what people want either.

Addressing maybe the most core issue is the weight of the armor and that's simply a fact of wanting each stage in armor progression to feel like... progression. There's only so much you can do to make robes look progressively more powerful, and especially from the game's camera angle. But make no mistake, a monk's "heavy" armor is going to look nowhere near as heavy as something like a barbarian's heavy armor. We're very aware of the look of each character, their style, how they fight, what their spells and feeling of the character mean, and go to great lengths to make sure that each class doesn't just look like they're wearing plate mail at the end of the game.

Any realism concerns of "he'd impale himself on his belt!" or "she'd slice her ears off!" is a case of realism being shifted for the sake of fantasy. Which is what this game is based in. Also it looks cool.

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