Female Barbarian Art

by Bashiok | 16/02/2010 21:43:48


The barbarian class page has been updated with a new piece of concept art depicting the female barbarian as well as a close-up view of her in-game model. Check out this new look at a relentless terror of the battlefield over at the barbarian class page.


7 screenshots have also been added that depict the female barbarian.

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by Bashiok | 17/02/2010 21:01:42


Q u o t e:
Does there really have to be an option to play female in EVERY class? Options on a few of the classes are ok but the female barbarian should look more like that really fine redhead woman
that played conans mom in the old arnald schwarzenegger movie.. She was sort of slender but
you could tell she was wasnt weak. She had a beautiful face allthough a little dirty she looked
like a barb woman that would whoop some ass if that snake wizard didnt charm her and cut off her head..


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