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by Andrecollege | 14/03/2011 16:57:48


Hey guys!

Recently the guys over at DiabloFans.com and myself have teamed up, with the goal of collaborating to provide the community with the highest quality Diablo 3 News, Updates, and Entertainment. We will be working on many projects together from this point forward, the very first of which is our podcast - DiabloCast.

This will be a weekly podcast in which we discuss big news, recent events, and our opinions on various topics. We will also be having weekly polls and answering community questions.

This is as good a time as any to quote the sage words of Decard Cain.... stay a while and listen.


      DiabloCast Ep. 18: The Armory Will Expose You!

      DiabloCast Ep. 17: Hardcore Is Too Hardcore

      DiabloCast Ep. 16 Buy Your Way To Victory

      DiabloCast Ep. 15 We're Off To See The Blizzard

      DiabloCast Ep. 14 No More Tears About Item Tiers

      DiabloCast Ep. 13 Get Your PhD In Battlenet

      DiabloCast Ep. 12 Spoiler Alert

      DiabloCast Ep. 11 It's Over 9,000 It's 97,000,000,000

      DiabloCast Ep. 10 They Help You Play With Yourself

      DiabloCast Ep. 9: Stop Following Me

      DiabloCast Ep. 8: Sign of the Beta

      DiabloCast Ep. 7: Encounters for Hire

      DiabloCast Ep. 6: Your PvPness

      DiabloCast Ep. 5: D3 and Your Health

      DiabloCast Ep. 4: Art of the Artisan

      DiabloCast Ep. 3: The Worst Beastiary

      DiabloCast: Episode 2

      DiabloCast: Episode 1


      Dennis "Force" Duhamel

      Kevin "Sixen" Carlino


      Is this available on iTunes?

      Since we just started this podcast it is not yet available on iTunes. Based on my research it can take the guys at iTunes up to 3 weeks to accept a podcast for listing on iTunes. Once accepted podcasts will be up whenever we post them, but there will be an initial wait before they are available.

      When can I expect to see more podcasts?

      There will be a new podcast posted every Friday evening on my youtube channel, as well as a post on the DiabloFans front page.

      Who else will be on the podcast?

      Without naming names we expect to have many guests on the podcast in the future. From people involved in the Diablo 3 community to representatives of Blizzard.

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by Bashiok | 15/03/2011 02:19:45



On the note of balancing PvE and PvP separately you guys talked about a little bit, it's something we want to largely avoid. I'm actually sort of confused where that info came from (I know you guys didn't just make it up I've seen it elsewhere). Somehow I feel like it's my fault, but maybe it was talked about at BlizzCon. We do have the ability to keep separate functionality, but we want to try to avoid big differences that make it feel like two different games when you play PvE and PvP. One area where things work differently, and we think it's ok, is in the case of CC, like stuns, snares, slows, etc. The duration of these skills is fairly significantly reduced when used against players, however, that same reduction in effectiveness is also see in the PvE game when it comes to unique/champion/boss monsters. So, it's not only a jarring difference, it's also actually experienced in PvE.

Bottom line is we'll have to wait and see but, as I said, it's something we have the ability to do if needed but would prefer to largely avoid. I just didn't want anyone to think that we're actively balancing them completely independently as that's not accurate.

by Bashiok | 15/03/2011 02:40:12


Ah, yes, it's the first question that was asked at the open Q&A. Well that was easy to find!

So, yeah he's specifically stating we don't want to impact PvE by balancing PvP. That doesn't necessarily mean that they have to be designed completely independently or each other, though. I don't know, it's one of those things we'll have to wait and see how it pans out in more serious balance testing closer to release.

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