Diablo II LOD Character

by Buck2 | 15/05/2009 18:13:34


I have been trying to refresh a character on my Diablo II LOD account Buck2, and it had said "player not found" until it finally expired. Is there anything you can do. there were some valuble items on there.

by Charlesps | 15/05/2009 20:46:56


Hello Buck2

You may need to fill out the form located here:

It is possible that the character expired on our end before it registered on yours. This can happen if the date on your computer is not set properly or if when trying to keep the character from expiring all that was done was the character was logged into and out of a game.

The characters must do something with the game world in order for the servers to update its status.

Unfortunately if the character expired and someone else used the name to create a new character then there will be no way to restore access to the character.

Edit: I did some snooping and it looks like the character expired on 2-09-2009 and someone else used that name on 3-25-2009.

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