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by Thypus | 22/04/2011 13:34:04


If this is your first time logging in to the - English Forums, you will be asked to agree to the forum guidelines while visiting and posting on the official boards.

This is what I get from trying to reply a topic.

My question is: Where do I agree the guidelines? I cant find where to agree on the official boards.

Note: Im trying to reply on a Diablo III topic


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Hey mate ;)

by Datth | 22/04/2011 20:40:21


You need a Diablo II CD-Key in order to post in that forum. The original Diablo does not have a CD-Key. If you already have a Diablo II key, just use it when it asks you to when posting a message.

The Diablo II CD-Key is required for now until beta stuff happens, similar to how StarCraft II's beta forums worked. There's no news on when a beta will happen, though :)

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